100 % natural herbal and fruit infusions, 
green and black teas:

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100% natural quality without compromises - 
a simple promise by Milford.



Based on our love for nature,
our love for tastefulness and the
respect for our environment -
What philosophy does Milford stand for?











What do we mean by

 slogan natural



Natural tea means for us

absolutely pure ingredients.

This encompasses:

free from added artificial or natural flavours

free from colorants

free from other additives.


Since the end of 2017 we produce

our full Milford assortment

only with 100% natural ingredients. 

You can recognize the new packaging

with our "100% natural" seal.


MIL SZ 100percent natural bm


What makes up for the finest

slogan taste

Herbs - as if they come directly from your own yard.

Fruits - like freshly picked.

Carefully selected natural ingredients are the basis for

the renown tastefulness of our teas and infusions.

We bestow great care on the creation of our

mono teas as well as our delicate compositions. 


What do we mean by

slogan sustainable

Out of respect for our nature and for the future of all people,

Milford has started an encompassing sustainability program,

including the growing and sourcing of our fine ingredients,

the handling, transport and production in our own factory in Bavaria,

as well as all the carefully selected packaging materials.

We are not satisfied with all steps yet,

but are working hard on improvements every day after the other.

Some aspects to highlight our efforts:

• Use of regrowing materials

• Tea bags are fully compostable

• No aluminium clip for more than ten years already

• No aluminium inside the the whole packaging

• FSC paper

• Utz certification of our products


So that you can be sure, that our teas

are grown responsibly and workers are

educated and paid well. 


Bearing this in mind, your daily cup of tea does

not only bring along joy, but also contributes

to the future of our planet.



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Who is behind the brand

slogan milford2

We are a traditional family owned company, with our offices in Tirol, Austria.

Since 1972 we develop teas and infusions according to

our belief "a healthy joy for a healthy life".

The preferences and tastes of our tea drinkers

are the benchmark for our mission of providing the

best natural teas.


Naturality, sustainability and tastefulness

lead us as major criteria on our way.



You are interested in our assortment?
Get in contact with our distributors if
you want to list Milford Teas or want to know,
where to get them:

Frape catering s.r.o.
tel: +421 902 144 556

Orbico d.o.o.

Kreše Golika 1, Zagreb 10 090, Croatia
tel: +385 1 3444 800