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We take on responsibility for people and nature.

As a family company, our understanding of responsibility is not based on any trend. It is based on values that have determined our actions and decisions since the foundation of our company. These values, such as accountability, foresight and humanity also shape our aspirations, our goals and our activities regarding sustainability.

That is why sustainable use of resources is particularly close to our hearts – as tea is a natural product and its cultivation and quality is highly dependent on climatic and environmental conditions. Responsibility already begins with the source of the tea – and with the people who cultivate and harvest it – to enable us to supply an extensive range of sustainably cultivated products under our Meßmer brand. Currently around 70 per cent of our raw materials are from certified cultivation (by UTZ or the Rainforest Alliance for example), and this is set to increase to 100 per cent by 2030.

The UTZ and Rainforest Alliance joined forces in 2018. They are currently working on developing a new certification system that combines the strengths of both programmes. Until then, they will continue to run in parallel with each other. The UTZ logo will also in future be replaced with the Rainforest Alliance logo on our tea packaging.

As a family company, improving the working and living conditions of tea growers and their families is especially important for Meßmer. To this end, our brand relies on targeted local support and it has been involved in various projects with powerful partners, such as the Ethical Tea Partnership and as UNICEF, for years now.

For our Milford brand, too, the entire range comprises at least 40 per cent sustainably grown raw tea produce and is certified with the independent UTZ sustainability standard.

Yasashi stands for 100 per cent  natural ingredients and special tea enjoyment. We only use high-quality ingredients of certified organic quality for all its eight tea varieties. At the same time, our Yasashi brand is committed to the greatest possible accountability in terms of its origin and production information.

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